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Smallville: The Pause Button

(It's Hot in Here!)

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Smallville: The Pause Button is a community designed for fans age 40 and over of the tv series: Smallville. Others are welcome to read and join provided they understand and accept that they'll be reading and sharing in the thoughts, feelings, concerns of people fortunate enough to have achieved the venerable age of four decades +.
Members are welcome to discuss whatever is on their mind: kids, aging parents, health issues, money issues, emotional issues empty-nest syndrome...all, of course, in addition to our beloved tv series. Discussion of all aspects of SV are welcome, but emphasis is on the Clex!

Warning: there may be sexual content or discussion on this site, also reference to same-sex relations. If this offends you, please go elsewhere. Please observe common courtesy in posting and responding to posts in this community.

Questions, Suggestions? Contact acampbell

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